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Tactical Krav Maga is one of the most effective Modern Martial Arts/Defensive Tactics systems in the world today, being particularly strong in Australia, South East Asia & Europe-Balkins Region. In those regions it is part of the Martial Arts/Defensive Tactics syllabus for many civilian, police, and military units. Tactical Krav Maga is a system which can be learnt in a reasonably short period of time and is low maintenance. TKM combines unarmed and armed defensive tactical solutions for any hostile environment.


About Tactical Krav Maga

World leader in Krav Maga training service.

Training for civilian, law enforcement and military in the areas of Self Defence on public transport, aviation and marine environments. TKM has trained Military and Law enforcement agencies in New Zealand, Australia, Serbia and Indonesia.

Provides ongoing training and short courses & regular seminars with highly professional Tactical Krav Maga instructors.

Provides instructor education.

International Chief instructor for TKM Carl Halley has trained in Israel with Itay Gil PROTECT(Krav Maga), Eyal Yanilov I.K.M.F(Krav Maga), Team Nakash(Krav Maga) & Guy Meadan YAMASEC (Shooting & Suicide Terrorism Awareness), B.A. Security Terrorism & Counter Terrorism from Murdoch University, 9 years R.A.A.F (res) over 27 years experience in the national and international security industry, over 35 years practicing and teaching Martial Arts and Defensive Tactics, Australian government accredited Instructor.



Only Carl Halley International Chief Instructor at TKM HQ can issue Authentic Tactical Krav Maga Instructor certification around the globe.

Only Authorised and Accredited instructors can display the TKM Logo and teach under our banner. IF THEY ARE NOT LISTED ON THIS WEB SITE THEY ARE NOT AUTHORISED & ACCREDITED.


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