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Tactical Hagana Azmit (formerly Tactical Krav Maga) is a wholistic Defensive Tactics system developed for providing solutions to real world conflict by combining knowledge and experiance from the Israeli and Australian experience. Tactical Hagana Azmit is particularly strong in Australia, South East Asia & Europe-Balkins Region. In those regions it is part of the Martial Arts/Defensive Tactics syllabus for many civilian, police, and military units.

Tactical Hagana Azmit is a methodology which combines unarmed and armed skills as well as knowledge gained from dealing with real world conflict as well as academic studies in order to understand the problem to produce solutions to these problems. But we are not just about solving the problem from a physical perspective but also in offering educational courses so to address today’s problems in an academic way.



About Tactical Hagana Azmit Education

World leader in armed and unarmed conflict resolution training.

Training for civilian, law enforcement and military in the areas of Self Defence on public transport, aviation and marine environments. THA has trained Military and Law enforcement agencies in New Zealand, Australia, Serbia and Indonesia.

Provides ongoing training and short courses & regular seminars with highly professional Tactical Hagana Azmit instructors.

Provides instructor education.

Suicide Terrorism awareness and prevention.

Awareness and prevention of Islamic extremism and radicalisation. 

First Responder Courses for Law Enforcement, Military and Civilian persons.

Policy advisors for government and Non-Government organisations.


About International Chief Instructor

International Chief Instructor for THA and General manager Carl Halley commenced training in 1980 with event security specialist and reality based Martial Arts instructor Tom Slaven. Carl has trained in Australia & NZ with Eyal Yanilov I.K.M.F(Krav Maga), Israel and Australasia with Itay Gil PROTECT(Krav Maga), Australia Team Nakash(Krav Maga) & Australasia with IDF Lt Col Guy Meadan YAMASEC (Shooting & Suicide Terrorism Awareness).

Carl also holds a B.A. Security Terrorism & Counter Terrorism from Murdoch University, 12 years R.A.A.F (res) over 28 years experience in the national and international security industry, over 35 years practicing and teaching Martial Arts and Defensive Tactics, Australian government accredited Instructor.


THA was the first to bring the biggest names in Krav Maga to the Australasian region starting in 2000 with Eyal Yanilov followed by Itay Gil, Ran Nakash & Danny Netzer. Also the first to run a Suicide Terrorism awareness program in conjunction with Lt Col Guy Meadan from YAMASEC Israel in 2005 Sydney Australia. THA continues the evolution now with Noah Gross from Armed Combat & Tactics of Israel.

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Only Carl Halley International Chief Instructor at THA HQ can issue Authentic Tactical Hagana Azmit Instructor certification around the globe.

Only Authorised and Accredited instructors can display the THA Logo and teach under our banner. IF THEY ARE NOT LISTED ON THIS WEB SITE THEY ARE NOT AUTHORISED & ACCREDITED THA INSTRUCTOR.


10 thoughts on “Tactical Hagana Azmit”
  1. Tony Duff-Forbes June 29, 2016 on 3:54 am Reply

    I am an experienced martial artist who runs a small club, training in a mixture of traditional and modern methods. We recently hosted a seminar from a kapap and police combatives instructor and it has sparked an interest in learning more. Do you ever travel to run seminars, we are in rural nsw? We are also looking for a reputable reality based organisation to become affilliated with, gain instructor qualifications with? I can give you more details once we make contact via email?

    • Carl H July 11, 2016 on 12:20 am Reply

      Yes we do travel and run courses. Call me 24/7 on 0419258660.

      Carl Halley

  2. Joe July 23, 2016 on 5:29 am Reply

    I just wanted to know if you have any instructors in Canberra available for private lessons to learn your system.
    Regards Joe.

    • Carl H July 26, 2016 on 11:45 pm Reply

      Hi Joe, we do not have anyone in the ACT at the moment.


  3. Holy August 29, 2016 on 10:46 pm Reply

    Hi do you have any instructor or courses in kosovo

    • Carl H September 3, 2016 on 10:20 am Reply

      Not yet. But we do have an instructor in Belgrade you can find his details on our web site.

  4. Steven August 30, 2016 on 8:55 pm Reply

    I have had both knees replaced so I am not as flexible or agile as most. Do you have any places in or around Newcastle NSW?

    • Carl H September 3, 2016 on 10:21 am Reply

      Hi Steven, we don’t have anyone around Newcastle at the moment. Botany in Sydney is the closest.

  5. Yashodhan October 25, 2016 on 6:32 am Reply

    Do you have classes in mumbai india?

    • Carl H December 7, 2016 on 12:37 am Reply

      Not yet sorry, closest is Bangladesh.

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