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The future of Krav Maga in the Asia Pacific region.

Krav Maga has gone through many changes since I first trained with Eyal Yanilov in New Zealand and eventually brought him out to Australia back in 2000. I would argue that all in all for the better Krav Maga has evolved to take on a diverse form where some have chosen to keep training and teaching the way they learnt from the Israeli’s back then and all the way through to blending with other systems also being taught in the region causing them to evolve into hybrid forms of Krav Maga.

I know some people are for change and others believe in keeping things the way they were but I do believe having a variety of interpretations of Krav Maga in the market place is a positive thing as it allows potential students to choose the right school and instructor for them. At TKM I believe we have kept the evolution going through constantly bringing out the big names in Krav Maga and other systems from Israel still keeping our roots strong but also brought in other influences from other systems being taught in our region giving us a unique approach to Krav Maga.


Carl Halley International Chief Instructor.

Tactical Krav Maga evolution to Tactical Hagana Azmit

Tactical Krav Maga has been on the market training people in Krav Maga since 2000 when I first got involved with the system and the Israeli’s who were spreading their way of problem solving around the world. The term Krav Maga has brought us along way and has served us well up until now. But times and people change, systems evolve some for the better and some not so and this is why I have decided to change the name of the organisation to Tactical Hagana Azmit to let the market place know and to more accurately identify who and what we are about in regards to the training we provide regarding real world self defence in all it’s entirety.

TKM has become far more than just Krav Maga and to do it justice we needed to let everyone know how different we are and the best way to start with was with a name change to Tactical Hagana Azmit, which simply means rational choice thinking as applied to self defence but with also a link to the Israeli way of conflict resolution and problem solving. Also we needed to distance ourselves from the Krav Maga world as we believe there are to many instructors and organisations in the market place which have diluted the brand Krav Maga to such a point that it has become just another McDojo product whose instructors and their credentials are ego or economically driven in nature and not what is in the best interest of the end user they train.

From now on TKM will be known as THA and as we will continue to teach the same level of quality control that we have always done and to keep pushing the message that real world self defence is an ideology that needs to be adopted and that the process to gain the ability to be able to survive the conflict that we find ourselves in takes a reasonable amount of time to be able to achieve that goal.

Carl Halley International Chief Instructor

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