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T.K.M & A.C.T Structure


Tactical Krav Maga is constructed into 4 levels.

Student level has 3 divisions

Basic – Green Colored Shirt

Intermediate – Tan Colored Shirt

Advanced – Black Colored Shirt

(Must have attended a level assessment and been deemed competent)




Instructor level – Certification Requirements

1 – Completed all 3 levels and been deemed competent

2 – Completed 300 hours of training time under a certified and authorised Tactical Krav Maga instructor

3 – Completed the relevant level Instructor course – Basic, Intermediate or Advanced.

4 – Must maintain competency with course curriculum.

Instructor Rights

Basic level Instructor – teach and assess basic level.

Intermediate level Instructors – teach and assess intermediate level.

Advanced level Instructors – teach and assess advanced level.

Chief Instructor level – Certification Requirements

1 – Completed all Instructor levels – Basics, Intermediate & Advanced.

2 – Completed 5000 hours of teaching at least 50% must be the Tactical Krav Maga course curriculum and the rest may be made up of teaching another self-defence system prior to joining Tactical Krav Maga.

3 – Completed 100 hours of ongoing Tactical Krav Maga instructor education.

4 – Participated in the Tactical Krav Maga Challenge.

5 – Participated in one International event outside of your country of origin.

6 – Must maintain competency with course curriculum.

Chief Instructor Rights

1 – Certify TKM Basic & Intermediate level instructors.

2 – Certify TKM Advanced level instructors in conjunction with International Chief Instructor.

3 – Conduct TKM challenge.

4 – Organize International event.


International Chief Instructor Rights

1 – Sets the course curriculum.

2 – Certifies Advanced level Instructors

3 –  Certifies Chief Instructors

4 – Heads up TKM as a system.

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